This is intended to explain what the First Principles Bible Study Course is, and how to get the most out of your study of the Bible.

What's on Offer

The Course provides a complete set of Bible lessons to help everyone know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, and to learn God's word. They are called "First Principles Bible Studies," and include the following subjects:


  1. Biblical Salvation - What Is It?

  2. Eternal Security of the Believer - Can you lose your salvation?

  3. Believer's Baptism - What does Baptism mean?

  4. The Word of God - Can we Trust the Bible?

  5. Bible Study Techniques - How To Study the Word of God!

  6. The New Testament Church - What is the Difference between all the churches and religions?

  7. Bible Memorization - How do I memorize God's word and benefit most from it?

  8. Knowing God - How Well Can I Know God?

  9. Praise and Worship - How Can I Worship the Lord Like I Should?

  10. The Lord's Supper - What Does the Bible Say About Communion and the Lord's Table?

  11. Prayer - How Do I Get Answered Prayer?

  12. The Will of God - What is God's Will for my life?

  13. Spiritual Warfare - How Do I Deal With Sin and Temptation?

  14. The Christian Family - How to have a Christian home.

  15. Finances The Bible’s answer to money headaches

  16. Personal Evangelism - Who Needs to Know Jesus, and How can we show them Salvation?

  17. The Christian and Work - How to be a Christian on the Job.

  18. Wine and Strong Drink - What the Bible teaches about Drink and Drinking.

  19. Creation and Evolution - Which theory is Really “Scientific?”

  20. The Future - What Is Mankind's Future?

  21. Discipleship - What is God's next step for Me?