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A Bible Believing, Bible Preaching, Bible Teaching Baptist Church located in every city, town and village throughout Ireland, led by a qualified Pastor/Leader in every church, and supported by well-trained local teachers and elders.


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Cork Bible Institute
Welcome to a College Level Bible Study Course!
Instituted March, 1999

The goal of this study course is as follows – each of these are differing levels of intensity, starting with the easiest:

Level One
To enhance a Christian’s understanding of the Scriptures for the purpose of being able to teach the Bible either in a Sunday School situation, or as a Discipler of new Christians.
Level Two
To prepare the Christian to clearly preach the Gospel and faithfully pastor a church.
Level Three (the hardest)
To prepare Bible-believing Missionaries to start churches anywhere in the world, starting in Ireland!.

There is no greater call, nor challenge than to teach and preach God’s word to our generation! If you know God has called you to serve Him, yet lack adequate confidence in Bible Doctrine, or desire a balanced systematic study on a college level, then this Bible Institute course could be for you.

Currently there are 9 students enrolled in classes for the 2019 school year.

The current Courses being taught are:

The Gospel of Matthew (Module 2) (Thurs - 7pm) This is a verse-by- verse study of this most important Gospel! So many Christians do not know the first thing about the contents of this incredible Gospel that proves the Messiahship of Jesus Christ, and lays the groundwork for the preparation of the Jews for His second coming! Every believer will find so many practical principles in this Gospel, and they will discover why God put it FIRST in the New Testament to be read and learned from! This class takes three semesters to complete because of all the subjects that need to be learned throughout Matthew’s 28 chapters.

Doctrines of Man. (Thurs - 8pm) These classes deal with man's nature, how sin originated, and what God had to do to save sinners!

Preaching Workshop. (Sun - 4:45pm) This class is taught on Sunday evenings from 4:45pm to 5:45pm. Every man needs to learn how to declare the truths of the Bible, and especially of the Gospel! Preacher’s Workshop will teach you how to study for a message, and how to deliver that message, whether to a Sunday School class, or a Church full of adults, or a Nursing home even!

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The Bible Institute is for Irish Nationals, or people who are currently living in Ireland. people living outside of Ireland cannot currently apply for course credit, but ARE WELCOME to download and complete the course materials, and they can purchase the course quizzes and Final Exams.

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Extended Bible Studies
Dispensational Theology
Covenant Theology
Preacher Training
Teacher Training
Argumentation and Debate

How to Study the Bible
The Work of The Ministry
The Call of God
The Preacher’s Library
The Basis and Structure of Authority
Human Government
Standards and Convictions
Current Issues

Overview of the New Testament
Overview of the Old Testament
The Gospel of Matthew
The Book of Genesis
The Book of Acts
The Book of Psalms
The Book of Romans
The Book of Ephesians
The Book of Philippians
The Book of Hebrews
The Book of Revelation
Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy, Titus)The Book of Galatians
The Book of Job
The Book of Proverbs
The Books of 1st and 2nd Corinthians
The Book of Joshua
The Book of Judges
The Book of Daniel
The Books of 1 & 2 Thessalonians
The Book of Joel
The Books of 1,2 & 3 John
The Epistle of James

Church History 1-4
Soteriology - Doctrine of Salvation
The Doctrine of Man
The Doctrine of God
Introduction to Church Planting
Church Planting II
Church Planting III - TeamWork
The New Testament Church
Personal Evangelism
The World's Religions
The History of The Baptists
Roman Catholicism

Cults Introduction
Cults - The Seventh Day Adventists
Cults - The Mormons
Cults - The Jehovah’s Witnesses
Cults - The Church of Christ (Campellites)
Cults - The Satanists
Cults - Advanced Study
Problem Texts

An Introduction to New Testament Greek
Manuscript Evidence
Introduction to Hebrew
Principles of Scripture Translation
Translation Exercises

Study on
What Cults Believe...