Men's Camp 2020
Ireland Men's Camp 2022

Thursday – Saturday, April 21st - April 23rd

Muckross Venture Centre, Killarney Co. Kerry

All men and their sons are invited to come be thoroughly encouraged at Men's Camp this year! It's an opportunity to spend time with other men who love God and want to live for Him instead of the world!

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Daniel - a man with an excellent spirit.
Of all the men we read about in the scriptures, very few are like Daniel! A man held captive under an ungodly authority, yet in the end having great influence on the world around him. He had a calm courage that defied the culture of his day and stood firm by faith in the God of heaven. He understood that God had placed him in Babylon for a great purpose, and served God faithfully for over 60 years with an excellent spirit. We will discover how he accomplished this as we study Daniel's life in depth and find out how we too can have an excellent and Christ-like spirit.

Easily expect to have a great time where you will be worn out, and yet very blessed by the preaching, the hiking, the eating, and the fellowship! The three days away at this kind of a Camp allows God to work on our hard hearts through the preaching and teaching of His word! Don’t miss a single minute of it! Teens, and even younger boys are encouraged to come as long as their father is with them, or as along as their Pastor agrees to take responsibility for them.

1. Your Bible, and a pen for note-taking
2. Pillow, sheets, blankets or sleeping bag
3. Bath towel, washcloth, soap, shampoo
4. Torch
5. Hill-walking shoes
6. Any sports equipment you can bring
7. Change of clothes

Make plans to attend and notify Pastor Craig Ledbetter how many will be with you, and when you plan on arriving. If you have any questions, or need directions, contact us!

Here’s How to Sign-Up…
The cost is €45 per adult and €40 for under 14 years old. This Men’s Camp is open to all men and their sons from age 6 upwards. You need to tell your pastor that you are planning to come, and prepay €20 to book your place. The balance is due upon arrival! Costs are based on how many nights lodging, food, and rental of facilities. If you can only come for one or two nights, then we will adjust the price.

Listen to the Preaching from Men's Camp 

  1. Daniel was Resolute - He Had Uncrossable Lines
  2. He took his Relationships Seriously - He was a Good Influence
  3. He was Resting in the Sovereignty of God
  4. He was Repentant in Lifestyle
  5. Revelation - He Wanted to Understand the Future

Listen to some Singing from Men's Camp

  1. The Daniel Song
  2. Dare to Be a Daniel
  3. Faithful Men
  4. God's Wonderful Book Divine
  5. I Am Resolved
  6. It is Well With my Soul
  7. Nothing But the Blood

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