How to Persuade Folks to Get Saved

Six Things We Need Active in Our Lives to Fulfil Our Purpose

Acts 26:1-28

DATE: 7 Jan, 2001 AM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction


A.      The life of the Apostle Paul was caught-up with one main purpose – the winning of the lost

B.       Now he had a secondary purpose, and that was the training of those new converts, so that THEY would also go out and win the lost – AMEN!


II.       Background


A.      Paul is in chains, standing before a king, a queen, a huge court full of onlookers, and curious folks, watching this little Jew walk up before the throne.

B.       He seems to be calm – not nervous, or put out by the large crowd – he seems rather to enjoy the pressure

C.       He has been on a long journey so far. And he is not finishing yet. This is just another one of the many witnessing opportunities that God had placed in his lap, and Paul was going to get as much mileage out of the situation as possible

D.      And so he does – He shows us in plain words, how to persuade lost folks to get saved – to repent and get born again!

E.       If each one of us are to win one person to Christ, then we better pay close attention to how it is done!


III.     Message – How to Persuade Folks to Get Saved (Acts 26:1-28)


A.      You Need a Testimony to Give Out (Acts 26:1-20)


1.        Speak for yourself (26:1-3)


a.       Don’t be afraid

b.       More importantly, don’t be ashamed

c.       The most joyous time of a Christian’s life should be the presentation of the love of their life – and Paul was excited to talk about Jesus


1)       Bill Gates – about his company

2)       Music stars – love to talk about their new album

3)       Christians – about their Saviour


2.        Link people with your past (26:4-11) – show your reality, your realness


a.       Religious - Or atheistic

b.       Devout, or apathetic

c.       Just what were you like?


3.        Don’t glorify your past, and its sinfulness


a.       Notice that Paul is not bringing up a bunch of sinful habits and acts and parading them before the hearers

b.       He was showing especially his goodness to show how lost he was

c.       We don’t need to say how filthy we are for people to be convinced

d.       They need to know that the “good” people are going to hell


4.        Just explain how God got your attention (26:12-18)

5.        Clearly identify the point where you surrendered, and got saved (26:19)


a.       Day and hour

b.       Where you repented – surrendered to the rightness of God as a sinner

c.       And then accepted Jesus as already having taken your place and punishment


6.        Notice that Paul gave his testimony everywhere he went (26:20), even from the very start of his new life – it helped him grow


a.       Some of you are hindering your own growth because of pride

b.       Some of you are living a lie – your friends think you are no different


7.        Everyone needs to sit down, pray, and write it out, and then give it out


B.       Get Over Your Past and have a Different Life – a Christian Life (Acts 26:20-21)


1.        A Different Life – changed, new


a.       Paul was definitely different – are YOU any different? You are not saved if you are not different!

b.       Once had been torturing the Christians

c.       Now trying to get everybody to become Christians

d.       That is the greatest identifying mark of a believer (1Cor 6:9-11)


2.        A Hard-Working Life – do you see the energy level of this guy?


a.       First in Damascus

b.       Then down to Jerusalem

c.       Then all over Judea

d.       Then out to the gentiles – the whole world

e.       Preaching the Gospel, and a life of GOOD WORKS for God once saved – if you have repented, it will show by your efforts!


3.        A Sacrificial Life – all for others! YOU WILL NEVER FIND JOY OUTSIDE OF SERVING AND GIVING, no matter the cost (26:21)!


C.       Be Able to Rest in the Lord (Acts 26:22a; Lk 12:11,12; Cf 2Tim 2:1)


1.        We have no testimony if it does not counter-act the pressures of life

2.        We have no walk with God if we collapse under the weight of sins

3.        We have nothing this world wants if we do not have REST

4.        Whatever we face, we are being watched, and need to hold on to the things that Christ has brought into our lives that will over-power our troubles and persecutions (Paul was HATED by his own family)!


a.       The Holy Spirit of God

b.       The Promises of God

c.       The Plan of God – nothing is happening by accident


D.      Have a Message to Preach (Acts 26:22b-23)


1.        Only the Bible – notice, saying no new doctrines, or new revelation that first wasn’t in the Old Testament Bible! WOW! Could YOU do that? The key is to just PREACH the contents of this Book!

2.        Only Jesus


a.       His suffering – forget the suffering of the world – we have the cure

b.       His resurrection

c.       His light and truth belongs to everyone – not that he is a good teacher, but that He is the ONLY way to heaven!


3.        We don’t preach ANYTHING else, and we don’t USE ANY OTHER BIBLE than God’s preserved word, the King James Bible!


E.       Have a Goal to Reach (Acts 26:24-27)


1.        To reach the Top People not with education, or reformation, but salvation


a.       Agrippa – a KING!

b.       Ceasar and his palace – we will see how this works out in a moment

c.       Paul was never put off by targeting the biggest sinners, or the biggest politicians (same thing).


2.        To Reach Everybody Possible (Acts 20:18-21)

3.        To Stay on Target – this is probably, the probably our biggest problem


a.       Festus can’t stand the pressure – you could cut the stress with a knife

b.       Festus tries to cover for Agrippa – stop him from having to respond to this preacher

c.       The devil will throw everything at you when you are getting close to decision-time (kids, phone, mobile, husband, wife, power going off).

d.       Yet Paul stays on target – presses for a decision


1)       You believe the Bible don’t you?

2)       You know now what it is all about, don’t you?

3)       What are you going to do?


F.       Have Patience (Acts 26:28-30) – it is God’s business you are in!


1.        Agrippa almost got saved, but didn’t. Sad. He is in hell this minute, and his name is eternally recorded in the Bible, but not in the Book of Life!

2.        But, even though Agrippa didn’t get saved, others did, and others will (Acts 17:32-34; Philp 4:22)


IV.    Conclusion


A.      Have a Testimony – sit down, pray, and write it out, and then give it out

B.       Have a Different Life Now - a Christian Life

C.       Rest in the Lord – draw your confidence from Him

D.      Have a Message to Preach from the Bible about Jesus

E.       Have a Goal to Reach – not education, or reformation, but salvation

F.       Have Patience - it is the work of the Holy Spirit you must wait on