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Aren't there contradictions in the Bible? bullet

What About Catholic Tradition bullet

Are there any "Baptist" rituals? bullet

What is a Baptist kind of Church? bullet

Do humans remain conscious after death? bullet

Pilate's Handing of Jesus' Death bullet

What About Contemporary Christian Music? bullet

How long was Jesus in the Tomb?
In other words, was He buried on Wednesday evening, or Friday evening? bullet

What proofs are there that the Bible really IS the word of the almighty God? bullet

Did Jesus Actually Ever Exist? bullet

Isn't "Easter" in Acts 12:4 a mistranslation of the word "pascha" and should it be translated as "passover"? bullet

Why did God need to create people? bullet

Why did God create rules for us to follow? bullet

How come free will doesn't apply to our choice to not exist at all?

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bulletWhy is the Bible superior to all other books? bulletWhy do most Baptist churches teach 'all people are born sinful, and must be born again from the heart by faith.' then in the next breath say that all babies that die go to heaven?  bulletAre we certain there really was a Jesus Christ? bulletWhy can't all churches just be the same? bulletWhere is heaven? bulletWhy did Jesus become a human being? bulletWhat is a saint? bulletIsn't the Catholic Church the ONE True Church that Jesus started? bulletWhen is the Rapture?

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